Education will always be a priority of mine, which is why I supported a law (HB 3296) that requires school districts to offer a program to prepare students enrolled in grades 6th through 12th grade for career and technical education pathways.

Mental health is of utmost importance and we must continue to fight for more mental health resources. I supported a law (HB 577) that requires school districts to have provisions for youth suicide awareness and prevention. Additionally, this law sets forward characteristics of students at increased risk of suicide.

Prenatal and perinatal services will always be of high importance to me. To ensure everyone receives adequate services, I passed a law (HB 5013) that amends the Medical Assistance Act of the Illinois Public Aid Code and orders accessibility to prenatal and perinatal health service.

I am working to provide relief from historic inflation and help Illinois youth by working to support low income Illinoisans. I co-sponsored HB 4920 which creates a Child Dependent Tax Credit that would support eligible caregivers of dependent children.

I listened when my community members voiced how essential mental health resources are for young adults. This is why I am fighting for mental health resources for college students. I supported (HB 5424) $19 million in funding for public, private and nonprofit universities, and colleges so they can improve overall campus mental wellness and increase mental health care capacity.

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