Fraud Alert: Phishing Emails

The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) was made aware of new phishing  attacks targeting Illinoisans. Bad actors posing as IDES representatives are sending emails to  victims, designed to trick Illinoisans into disclosing their personal information. These scams  falsely advertise an increase in weekly benefits.  

It is critical for claimants and victims of fraud to remain vigilant to detect fraudulent  correspondence: 

  • Follow steps from the FTC to recognize and avoid phishing scams. The emails will include tell-tale signs of a phishing scam, such as referring to the “Division of  Employment Security” as opposed to the “Department of Employment Security” and  arriving from an untrustworthy email address. (SEE EXAMPLES BELOW)

Strengthen and protect account information. Claimants should ensure they maintain a  strong password, and never share their personal information with an untrustworthy  source. Additional tips are available on IDES’s fraud webpage.


Additional Resources :

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