Meyers-Martin Working to Build A Stronger Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin, D-Olympia Fields, released the following statement regarding the end of the Illinois General Assembly’s regularly scheduled spring session:

“During my first legislative session as a state representative, my commitment has been to strengthen the middle class and fight to help Illinois recover from four years of destruction at the hands of former Governor Bruce Rauner. While our state faces a long road ahead filled with many difficult decisions, House Democrats have worked to build a stronger Illinois by building a stronger middle class throughout the spring.

“I fought to hold the line on middle-class taxes by supporting the Fair Tax, because families in our community bear too much of the current tax burden. The power to enact these structural reforms now sits in the hands of the voters who will have the opportunity to approve this amendment next year and provide 97% of Illinoisans with real tax relief.

“While extreme politicians in Washington continue to attack our health care, I stood up for the families in our community by supporting new protections for people with pre-existing conditions, passing measures capping skyrocketing insurance premiums and addressing the rising costs of prescription medication.

“I also supported legislation to expand access to career and vocational training. This measure will not only help by investing in our economy, but prepare people in our community for high wage jobs, revitalizing the American Dream for thousands.

“Despite this, there are many challenges that remain for myself and my colleagues in the months ahead, including but not limited to, enacting meaningful property tax relief for those who need it most. Regardless, I remain optimistic about our path forward because too much is at stake to let partisan politics get in the way of a stronger Illinois.”