Prevent Homeowner Displacement in Cook County through Property Tax Payment Plans

Chief Sponsors: Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin (HB 1238) and Sen. Robert Peters (SB 74)

The inclusion of owner-occupied homes in the Cook County annual tax sale puts people at risk of losing their home solely for delinquent property taxes purchased by investors motivated by profit, without regard for the long-term impact on families and communities.

Black and Brown homeowners and communities, seniors, and those with disabilities are especially negatively impacted by this. The current system makes it harder for households to transfer wealth, contributing to the racial wealth and homeownership gaps.

Our proposed law would allow Cook County homeowners to pay delinquent property taxes on a payment plan. As long as taxpayers are in good standing with the payment plan, they would not be subject to the tax sale. Interest collected on the delinquent payments would go to local taxing districts, not tax purchasers.